Quality Policy

ANGEL ELEMENT CONSULTANCY SDN. BHD. aim to be a preferred consultant and trainer for management systems. It is the company’s commitment to provide quality and reliable service. We are committed to comply with applicable requirements and continually improve its effectiveness.

We will ensure quality objectives are established at relevant functions and levels.This Quality Policy and Quality Objectives shall be reviewed from time to time to ensure suitability.



Anti-Bribery Policy

ANGEL ELEMENT CONSULTANCY SDN. BHD. provides consultancy and training in
management systems; committed to provide efficient and integrity services to the stakeholders
through the following:

  • Strive to carry out business activities in an ethical manner with honesty and transparent.
  • Strictly prohibits our employee from directly or indirectly soliciting, attempting or
    accepting to such bribes from any party or person for himself or for any other person’s
  • To promote a culture of transparency and accountability in the workplace to ensure
    level high integrity and governance.
  • Comply with all applicable anti-bribery law, rules and regulation.
  • Meet all the requirements of MS ISO 37001: 2016 Anti Bribery Management System
    and continually improve its effectiveness.
  • Establish Whistleblowing Policy to encourage employee to raise concern in good faith.
  • Appoint the Anti-Bribery Compliance Function as a body neutral.
  • Perform appropriate actions for non-compliance with Anti-Bribery policy.